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Nordic Electro Power Ltd. is a full-service electrical company offering professional electrical services. We provide electrical services both for industrial and real estate needs. In the industry
sector we are specialized in high voltage installations for electrical grids and power plants. For buildings and properties we provide mainly electrical installations. Most of our customers are commercial properties.  We provide services throughout
Finland. Contact our specialists!

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Electrical services for properties and high-voltage installations for power plants and energy companies

We provide automation and electrification installations of energy production, transmission, distribution and consumption. In addition
to installations, we do versatile renovations and have long-term maintenance agreements with our customers. Our customers include multiple large-scale industrial companies and we are familiar with the high standards of the field.

We have also produced solar panel systems and other forms of renewable energy for our cost-conscious customers who wish to
utilize new forms of energy.

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Safe and ecological electricity solutions

We have thirty professional electricians working year-round. Our company has S1 electrical qualifications. We focus on safety, environmental responsibility and energy efficiency in our strategy and
everyday work. We are proud of our high-quality work and do not compromize on quality under any circumstances.

High quality ensures safety, which along with functionality is the most important factor in electrical work. Join our satisfied customers today!

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